Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Link Cocktail for 03.27.07

I've been messing around with Stumble! today and other than making a further mess of my Firefox toolbar (above), it's a pretty cool app. The basic concept is discovering sites that you may not have "stumbled" upon otherwise. It also includes a social media component so you can make/add friends based on similar tastes in web content. It eventually learns your likes and dislikes by asking a series of questions and by asking you to rate each site you visit. It's actually a lot of fun - perfect for the moments when you just need something fresh to check out. So, today's Link Cocktail comes courtesy of Stumble!

Fun Forever - Great collection of some very clever offline advertising executions.

Mug Shot - Could be an interesting way to combine your news feeds, blog posts, status updates, and social networks... Haven't tried it yet but stay tuned for a review.

Call the Future - Fun little app to set-up future calls through mobile.

Don't Click It - Interesting experiment to change the way we surf. I personally found it very disorienting.