Tuesday, March 6, 2007

John Edwards Gets Pwned

The silliest story circulating the net this morning has got to be the vandalism of John Edwards' Second Life campaign headquarters. Apparently a group of self proclaimed "e-terrorists" called "Patriotic Nigras" are responsible for the attack and did it simply for laughs. Other than proving that Democrats are just as humorless as Republicans, this story also raises some interesting questions:

How much and what aspects of our online presence should be considered our own personal property?

Is there a difference between our virtual property and our "real world" property?

Who is responsible for protecting our online identity/property?

I hate to even bring this up but has the time come to create a governing body to watch over our virtual lives? Or maybe the solution is the creation of eGod? (sorry Bill, you don't qualify for the position.) As we become increasingly tangled, indexed, and sorted into the web, it is harder to track, control, and protect our online selves.