Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Bohemia 2.0

I apologize for the increasingly agonising '2.0' reference in the title of this post but I couldn't resist. I had an excellent time last night hanging out with fellow TorCampers at C'est What? for dinner and drinks with Tod Maffin. Thanks to Mark Kuznicki for introducing me to the swarm!

While heading home on the subway at close to midnight, I realized that there is something truly remarkable happening within the online community. I was reminded of the Bohemian movement of the early 19th century. There are networks of artists, innovators, and big thinkers uniting to truly revolutionize the way we view community. This is indeed the age of collaboration. Although fueled by the rapid growth of the Internet and ease of access to technology, this is by no means an exclusively online phenomena. There are hundreds of ways to apply this shift in mentality to the offline world.

There is no doubt I am inspired and excited by this movement; however, it has forced me to reexamine my entire thought process. Having been educated in mass marketing, it is difficult for me to give up the traditional model. How do I make this shift while working in a massive global media agency and how do I convince my clients and colleagues to follow me? This is a big question that I have yet to draw any conclusions from. All I know is that it will be a daily battle and I hope I'm ready.