Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Mr. Splashy Pants is an Impostor!

So... Greenpeace is having a whale naming contest and not surprisingly Mr. Splashy Pants is in the lead with 75% of the 100,000 votes to date. Now, I hate to acid rain on Greenpeace's whale of a parade but I have a shocking discovery (I apoligize that my to-the-point title is a bit of a spoiler): Mr. Splashy Pants in an Impostor!

According to this post on the Greenpeace blog, they decided to make their own line of official Mr. Splashy Pants merchandise. Here's a little taste:

Cute isn't he? Look familiar? He should. Because Mr. Splashy Pants was featured in my last post. Here he is again:

Shame on you Greenpeace! I was hoping I could finally contribute to one of my favourite blogs, you thought we wouldn't notice, but had trouble with the registration process. Let's try to fix that guys!

Update: The confirmation e-mail finally came for my registration to You Thought we Wouldn't Notice. Check out the post here. Sweet!