Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Notes From the Digital Frontier

Today I received a newsletter from MediaPost introducing their new blog:

"Welcome to Notes From The Digital Frontier, a new weekly newsletter linking to a first-of-its-kind blog. A unique collaboration between the students of Ball State University and MediaPost, Notes is an attempt to link the world of academia -- more specifically, the next generation of media-savvy undergrads -- with the commercial world of Madison Avenue."

As a fan of many MediaPost publications, I was excited to learn of this new venture and quickly clicked through to the "first-of-its-kind" blog. Wouldn't it be refreshing to have a different perspective on new media? Much to my disappointment, "Notes" contained nothing more than a collection of pointless quips that read more like a high school student's My Space than "next gen thinking from the next generation of media insiders." Here is a summary of this week's topics:

- Dustin is addicted to his laptop
- Amanda was seduced by Nano
- Naiomi likes Facebook
- Jason is obsessed with his iBook and the Internet
- Betsy's roommate has a Wii

Forgive me if I am being too critical but it is almost insulting to me as an industry professional and as a member of this generation to think that MediaPost is trying to pass this off as valuable information. Of course Naiomi likes Facebook and Jason cannot live without the Internet but what does this mean to a marketer? It's unfortunate that they failed to make the connection back to media because it actually would be an interesting collaboration.

On a positive note, "Notes" does feature a diverse and talented group of young bloggers who all seem to be reasonably "plugged in". Hopefully as the property evolves, they'll figure out how to better integrate the two worlds.

To visit Notes From The Digital Frontier, click here.