Monday, October 8, 2007

Rock | Paper | Scissors : 1st Edition

When I'm not on the web reading geeky tech news or brushing up on the latest techniques in exploiting new media, I like looking at art. Or as you may know it - pretty pictures. There is so much great work out there that it would be impossible to show it all. However, from time-to-time (notice my non-committal attitude... I'm working on that) I thought it might be fun to feature three different artist's work that I find compelling. Feel free to share your opinions, share your links and please, save your applause til the end. Enjoy!

Rock: David R Head Jr - Art Director and Freelance Designer in Chicago, Illinois

Paper: Luke Chueh - Painter and Designer/Illustrator in Los Angeles, California

Scissors: VORFAS - Photographer in Flickr