Monday, August 6, 2007


If you're reading this (who starts a sentence with "if you're reading this? You obviously are...), I bet you are thinking one of three things:

1) Who the hell is Jason Verwey?
2) Why does Jason Verwey have a blog and why should I care? What a geek.
3) I love Jason Verwey and miss reading about his views on life, culture, advertising and everything in between. Where has he been for the last three months?

If you answered questions 1 or 2, keep coming back and you will find out. I can't guarantee if you will like me or have any interest in what I have to say but I guarantee it will be honest and possibly even entertaining. If your answer was number 3, I thought it would be easiest just to show you:

Although I've been very busy this summer working, playing, partying, and exploring, I mostly blame my absence on Facebook and Twitter. It was through battling these addictions, that I discovered the strengths and limitations of each and finally figured out how to best use each platform in combination with this blog (for the time anyway). That being said, I hope you will continue to stop by One Five Place once and while and encourage you to take part in the conversation.