Monday, August 27, 2007

Bob Garfield Needs to Get Laid!

Let me preface this post by first saying that I respect Bob Garfield and normally find his opinions both objective and spot-on. On this particular occasion however, I have to respectfully and wholeheartedly disagree. The following is in response to his review of the new commercial for the Heineken DraughtKeg.

I can only imagine the pressure a television commercial critic of such influence must face on a daily basis but come on Bob, lighten up! This commercial is sexy, stylish and cool. It caught and kept my attention from the first frame and left me with the same feeling any good work of art, design, or fashion would. I didn’t find it particularly provocative, sexist or insulting to women. Mind you, I am part of the target demographic. We are generally jaded and desensitized to things such as sex and violence on television. It’s an unfortunate side-effect of being raised on MTV and the Die Hard franchise.

You are a good writer sir. Unfortunately this review reads more like an article in the New Yorker than a review of a beer commercial. Do we really need to take our industry so seriously? Yes, sex sells and may not be the most responsible way for a brand to do business but so do sensational headlines like say, “The Most Sexist Beer Commercial Ever Produced?” Like, ever ever produced?

It doesn’t stop there. The review goes on to accuse the Heineken spot of comparing the human female uterus to the DraughtKeg and spout to umbilicus cord. I’m speechless. Mr. Garfield is a great asset to our industry but I think it may be time to take a step back. It is only advertising after all.

Am I being insensitive and completely na├»ve? You decide. It may not make me drink Heineken but I liked this ad and it got my attention. Plus, who wouldn’t want a smoking hot cyborg chick with a keg as a womb and tap at the end of her umbilicus cord? After all, I’m only 25 – I’m not thinking about starting a family… All I want is sex and beer!

I apologize for the slight personal attack in the title. I have no knowledge of Mr. Garfield’s sex life or lack thereof and have no place commenting on it. It is rude and unfair but might just make a few more people read this post.