Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Obligatory Happy New Year Post!

Since this is my very first New Year's Day with a blog, I wasn't quite sure how to tackle the obligatory new year's post. From what I understand, there are two ways to handle the first post of the year: 1) Reflect on the year past or 2) Speculate and/or set goals for the the year to come.

I'm not much for reflection and I won't waste your time with the boring details of my personal resolutions as the image above pretty much sums it up (thanks Ephemerist). So, I decided I would share with you (for both your benefit and my own) my list of 10 new media resolutions... Enjoy!

1) In 2008, I will try learn the difference between pornography and art and stop posting black & white photographs of naked women longingly gazing out of their bedroom windows on FFFFound.

2) In 2008, I will not use Twitter for self promotion unless it is something that makes me look really cool, really smart, or really connected.

3) In 2008, I will not participate in making anything "viral".

4) In 2008, I will not delete cookies so I can be efficiently targeted with advertising and accurately counted through web traffic measurement services.

5) In 2008, I will not un-tag myself in any facebook photos taken of me singing karaoke in my living room at 4am and fully embrace this concept of transparency.

6) In 2008, I will not send text messages during meetings, at the dinner table, or on dates unless I observe something worthy of a cleverly constructed and absolutely hilarious twitter update.

7) In 2008, I will personally meet all of my Internet contacts unless it is too far too travel, too awkward or takes too much time away from being with my real friends.

8) In 2008, I will be honest with myself and my Last.fm followers and finally "love" all ABBA tracks.

9) In 2008, I will stop talking about my start-up idea and actually start thinking about it.

10) In 2008, I will stop Googlling myself in public places.